Hello reader,

this is yet another blog. I tried this several times before and it always went the same way. Created, some posts written and then: Ghost Town

Anyway, let's see how far I will get with this one.  If it's not working out then it costs me one click, aaaand it's gone.


Speaking about hosting. I used to have an managed Ghost(Pro) account, and I wanted to use this service again but they changed to an insane pricing model. They now charge you 99$/month for the cheapest package.

That's why I'm switched to DigitalOcean for hosting this little blog. It costs me 5$/month and I have to do the updates but SSHing into a server and running one update command is not that hard (at least not 94$ hard).


I have no idea what I'm going to write here. I guess some experiences with my ongoing Raspberry Pi project, some node.js tips and what so ever 🙂

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