My digital subscriptions 💸

My digital subscriptions 💸

I started collecting my expenses and as first step all recurring payments such as online subscriptions. Since it's maybe worth a read I put it all online to let you maybe compare with yours or get inspired 🙂 Or do I even miss something? Feel free to tweet me @DonnieBerlin.

  • 🔐 1Password - 4,75€/month
    It took me a while to get used to 1Password but now I'm a happy customer for more than 2 years now. The user experience has also much improved over the time. It's now only a matter of a tap to fill in the right password in the right place, no matter what device I'm currently using.
  • 🎧 Spotify Premium (Family) - 14,99€/month
    I'm a Spotify customer since 2008. It all started with me being a lazy ass and owning an iPhone. Back in the days it was not very convenient to get music from a PC to an iPhone if songs are not bought via Apples iTunes 🥴 Spotify solved that for me very elegant and had the biggest music library and now I can't image a life without.
  • 💾 Dropbox Plus - 11,99€/month
    As far as I remember Dropbox was the subscription I ever bought. I even had to open a Wirecard Account because I didn't had a credit card by this time. I used to use Dropbox for syncing Docs between different PCs. Now I use it for having the same documents on my Phone and Mac and I love the Photo backup.
  • 🛒 Amazon Prime - 7,99€/month
    Yay, free deliveries. Aaaand that's it. Amazon Prime now also includes Movie streaming and Music but to be honest I don't use it. The USP for me is still the free and almost instant shipping of things.
  • 🌊 Digital Ocean - 7,00€/month
    That's actually the costs for this blog here. It's the smallest Droplet available at DO but with weekly backups enabled.
  • ⚙️ Heroku - 2 x 6,00€/month
    I moved from Zeit (now Vercel) back to the good old Heroku. Since Vercels Now V2 release eveything got weird and I just wanted to host a simple API.
  • 📬 Microsoft 365 (Business Essentials) - 4,00€/month
    Sounds serious but in the end it's only a hosted MS Exchange. I wanted to have a seamless sync for my contacts, calendar and mails and the best solution to achieve this was and still is Microsoft Exchange. And of course having an own mail domain is the nerdy thing someone has to have I guess 🤓.
  • ☁️ iCloud Storage (50GB) - 0,99€/month
    Next to Dropbox I use iCloud to synchronise all my Photos between all my iDevices.
  • 🌍 NextDNS - 1,99€/month
    NextDNS provides Ad blocking and tracking prevents for all my devices at home and on the go. I used to use a pi-hole for this but since that was limited to my local network I needed something which is more accessible.

In total I'm spending 73,71€ every month on digital subscriptions and services. Yikes 🙀

That's it. At least for now. Some subscriptions may popping in and floating out and that's why I'm gonna keep this one updated. Even with a change log. This is the incomplete list of things I'm no longer paying for:

  • Zeit Now (still there, but free tier is sufficient)
  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Google Drive