Middev Crisis

Middev Crisis

There is this age when some men start to buy Harley Davidsons, and similar to this, a time when developers start buy Raspberry PIs.

And what should I say ... I bought a Raspberry two weeks ago ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But I still have the intention of "building something useful". I want to build some temperature monitor thingy for my sons room. Thanks to Thommy I got all the required hardware parts but I need to solder some of it together which is a bit challenging 🤓 And then I need some time to build the actual software around it.

I will report my progress here until I'm done, or changed my mind or if it ends up laying around and doing nothing.

Headless Raspberry Pi setup

One of the things I struggled with was how to get a keyboard, mouse and monitor for the initial setup when the only thing I have at home is a MacBook?

There is an easy way  to enable SSH beforehand. After formatting the SD card and installing the OS (Raspbian in my case), change to the root of the SD card and create an emtpy file called SSH:

cd /Volumes/boot
touch SSH

This will tell the operating system to turn on the SSH agent on boot and you can connect via ssh pi@<ip of your raspi>. Done.

But behold! This is only temporary, Raspbian will remove the SSH file and it's off again after you reboot. You have to permantly enable SSH by executing sudo raspi-config and enable SSH in the interface options

Thats it.

There will be a few follow up posts in the future. Till then, have a good one.