fastbackward 1.3

fastbackward 1.3

Hey đź‘‹ Thanks for stopping by. These are the famous release notes for fastbackward 1.3. If you own an iPhone and didn't had the chance to try it out yet, feel free to do so:

Usually after snapping some photos, they will end up inside your Photo Library and slowly become forgotten. fastbackward is here to help. It shows all photos you took on this day during the past years. You can easily see where you took those memories and with which device by showing all kinds of EX…

This release doesn't include much optical changes but huge improvements under the hood:

Improved image loading

Fetching of memories is now much faster and less resource consuming.

Pinch to zoom

On the detail screen it's not possible to zoom into the photo (it's not perfect yet but will be improved in the future for sure 🙂)

More haptics

I added some more haptic feedback events (in case your phone supports it).

Other than that I also fixed a bug which always jumped to the top of your memories if the App has been sent to the background.