fastbackward 1.2

fastbackward 1.2

Right after Christmas, fastbackward 1.2 has been reviewed and released which brings some nice additions to my little app. Not a user yet? You can download fastbackward for free in the Apple AppStore:

Usually after snapping some photos, they will end up inside your Photo Library and slowly become forgotten. fastbackward is here to help. It shows all photos you took on this day during the past years. You can easily see where you took those memories and with which device by showing all kinds of EX…

It took me almost the entire December to create this minor release. Also code-wise a lot has changed:

A lot


This was actually the hardest thing to build:

Doesn't look like much but it has cost me some nerves in order to get the background processing right. If you do back-end development for a living, you think this is going to be just a cron-like thing which runs in the background and schedules notifications once a day, easy peasy.

But in the Apple world that isn't true. Since iOS 13 Apple modified the background fetch and processing behaviour a bit. In short: It doesn't work inside the simulator and it's unforseeable if and when the background tasks are beeing triggered.

So, after all the hassle I ended up with an dedicated web service which is required to register devices for remote push notifications. And once a day (in the middle of the night) it will send an data push to all devices which will then trigger the background processing and generates the notification from the gif above. This works most of the time ... kinda 🤷‍♂️

Whats New?

I noticed that more and more Apps (even Apples own Apps) implement a "What's new?" screen after important App updates. I guess it's because that almost nobody reads the notes inside the well hidden changelogs inside the AppStore. That's why I decided to do the same and there you go:

To be honest: I really like this screen. It gives more flexiblilty than the text field Apple offers you to put your changelog in.

Random Memories

What would be worse than open an App you just downloaded and you see a screen which tells you that there is nothing here for you and you have to wait another day in order to maybe see something?

Yep, that was the user experience in fastbackward but this isn't the case anymore. On this screen there is now the option to just pick a random memory from your camera roll. Not the thing you came for but still ... it's something 😀

Other UI improvements

I also did some other smaller UI improvements, like making the setting screen prettier but the casual user won't notice those things.

I hope you like it and give the new features a spin. And you know, before the release is after the release. I still have a huge list of things I want to implement in fastbackward. So please stay tuned 😊