Back to ghost (pro)

After more than three years of hosting my blog on DigitalOcean, I switched back to hosted ghost pro.

Back to ghost (pro)

In the very first post on this blog I explained why I used DigitalOcean instead of ghost pro as hosting provider: It was just so much cheaper. By the time of writing the cheapest plan offered by Ghost would be 99$/month.

Later they offered also a 29$ option but for my purposes this was still too expensive. I rolled with an Droplet on DigitalOcean for 6$/month (including taxes and backups) and was happy.

But over time managing the DO Droplet was still some time consuming thing. I had to make sure to update the Ghost installation (which is a pretty straight forward task, kudos to the Ghost Team) and also update the Droplet itself aswell as all dependencies.

During this update process I managed to killed my Droplet several times but thanks to backups that wasn't that much of a problem 😅

Early this year ghost 4.0 has been annouced and they offered a new pricing tier:

For 9$/month you can get a hosted Ghost installation with some limitations like restrictions in the number of staff members and you can only use the themes provided by the ghost team.

So, basically for additionally 3$ more per month, someone else is doing all the maintenance for me - Deal 🤝